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Agenda for the last meeting (notes from the meeting will be on the "Meetings" page) that was held at the John Braithwaite Center on January 25th.

The agenda has three main components: First, a discussion of three issues and the way they affect City of North Vancouver differently than in the rest of the region. Second, a presentation on the next steps for the Association. Third, and most important for the Association, getting feedback on how to move the organization forward and have an impact on the way the City of North Vancouver is being governed at the next election and beyond. 

I - Welcome, Introductions & Update

Introduction of Paul McCann as the moderator. Update by Guy Heywood.

II - Three Issues


How did we get here? What do we know? What do we need to know to understand the problem better? What is it about the way decisions are being made that might have contributed to the problem? What could be done that isn't being done now?


Are there logical & practical limits to density? What is 'density bonusing'? Why is it done? Who is supposed to benefit? Who actually benefits?   


Is the decision-making process transparent and legitimate? Are the decisions coordinated with providers of the related infrastructure? Is the 'structure' of our decision-making processes part of the problem?

III - Next Steps / Taking Action 

Trevor Wiebe and Shari Lazlo will lead a discussion about the alternatives considered and the direction proposed for:

Association Purpose & Legal Form


Board of Directors

Recruitment & Endorsement of Candidates

Potential Activities After the Election

Fundraising Needs

Other Issues

IV - Breakout Discussion Groups

Based on the number of people that attend, we would like to break the meeting up into several smaller groups for 20 minutes of discussion regarding the proposed directions presented by Trevor and Shari. This part of the meeting is important to the Association for it to realize its objective of not only engaging but also taking action. 

V - Wrap Up & Conclusion


There will be a topic leader to briefly introduce an issue and lead a break-out group for more interactive discussions.

Our meetings are opportunities for citizens - not planners, developers or politicians - to lead frank discussions about challenges as they are being experienced here in the City of North Vancouver as opposed the Metro Vancouver region and in society. 

Our discussions are about causes and possible solutions - not politics or personalities. Participants agree in advance to these conditions and to the right of a moderator to say how they apply in a given situation.

These meetings, this website and related social media are all an effort to work towards the three objectives of the NVCAA:
1) gain a better understanding and promote more general awareness of how our local government works;
2) promote transparent, evidence-based and transparent decision-making; and
3) support citizens interested in running for Council.  

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  • Thanks for the honest and sincere input. The very best thing about all those I’ve met thus far involved at this point is the community input, some call it “engagement” which is our ultimate goal/purpose. Having done much volunteer work with CNV in the last decade plus, I am most excited about engaging the community in “what they want”. Let’s start there and build the rest around it. This has nothing to do with developers or special interest groups, it’s about where / how we want to live/work and our mutual ability to participate in that process.
  • Will a more defined platform be communicated? Point 2 above makes me question what “the best interests of the community” are. We are a very diverse community. Is this group solely devoted to anti-development? What about cyclists vs cars vs public transit; owners vs renters; low vs higher income etc. I definitely want to know a lot more information before I can say I support this group.
  • good to hear, the local politicians should represent the local issues and benefit those who live here. Number 1, density, I no longer can leave my driveway without two cars obstructing the view, parked right at my driveway. Number 2, the car2go project is a failure. None of my neighbors sold their cars, those who live in our rented basements used to take the public transportation, now they switched to the car2go ultimately adding 5-6 cars to the streets and empty buses. Number 3, local taxes, why do we pay taxes based on how beautiful our house looks like? They should be based on the number of occupants in the house. Each person adds to the garbage collection, water usage, sewer usage, pavement usage, bus usage, school usage. The taxes are meant to maintain the local services based on its usage, not based on the beauty of the house. Just those 3 to start with. thx.
  • I am ecstatic to hear this and hope to learn much much more. Will also endeavour to attend an upcoming meeting!