North Vancouver citizens united by a common desire to make its local governments more accountable to the community.

North Vancouver is a wonderful place to live but the livability of our City has certainly been affected by development that is not being managed in the best interests of the people who live here.  

Tearing down older apartment buildings in order to replace them with condos or new market rental housing is reducing overall affordability. Giving away density 'bonuses' in return for more market rental housing enables developers to make more money without contributing anything to the public infrastructure that has to support it.  

The gridlock on North Vancouver streets any time of the day or day of the week is obviously a consequence of the rapid pace of development even though every major development came with a traffic study claiming there would be no adverse impact from the new project.   

Our City government has spent tens of millions of dollars rebuilding City Hall and digging up the streets to build a district energy system to service new development but has done nothing to rebuild obsolete and seismically unsafe community and recreation facilities used by the community.   

Campaigns for the next municipal election begin in less than a year. The financial contributions from developers, corporations and unions with a direct interest in Council decisions paid for the campaigns of a majority of the members of the current Council. It has contributed to the growing level of cynicism and distrust in our local government. 

Those same councillors recently voted to defeat an effort to limit access to these sources of funding in the next election, clearly signaling their intention to raise money from these sources again.

The City of North Vancouver needs candidates who will not be indebted to special interests and will put the interests of the community first. We also need to help them mount an effective campaign against opponents who will be taking as much or more money from the developers, corporations and unions want to influence the decisions of the next Council.  

The North Vancouver Citizen Action Association wants to make that happen, but it can't do it without your support.



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