First post on issues to discuss

This is the "Issues" page from which you can go to any of the issues we have a dedicated page for discussion.

This page is for comments about issues in general. Are we focusing on the right ones? Are there other pressing issues that don't fit under one of the existing topics? Comments on the way discussions are moderated? That's the kind of discussion we would like to have on this page.

The sub-pages to this page are dedicated to five issue-areas that we thought would be worthwhile to discuss:

1. Transportation & Planning
2. Density & Affordability
3. Public facilities
4. Finance & Taxation
5. Democracy


The opening post for each issue/blog will be provided by the issue moderator that has volunteers to initiate the discussion and moderate the comments.

We want to hear what you think about what the City is doing in each of the issue areas that we've identified to start the conversation. What is the City doing well? What doesn't seem right to you? And most important, how can we do better?


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