Costs & Possible Solutions: the Eco-fiscal commission

We all want somebody at some level of government to do something about the increasing traffic gridlock in North Vancouver. 

Two of our local politicians have proposed building Skytrain or a tunnel to the North Shore respectively. I don't know if the suggestions were serious or just to make it look like they were doing something. In any event, we should be talking about the big and little things that could actually be done within the next 10 years or so.

A couple of obvious things that our local governments could do is to stop making the problem worse. They, meaning the City in particular, could stop promoting development by giving away density. Having the City and District coordinate better on density and transportation planning would be another constructive step.


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Why is North Vancouver traffic so bad?

This will be the transportation and planning discussion. Why has traffic in North Vancouver become so congested? What could the City have done or not done to make the situation better? Where do we go from here? (If its 4 o'clock on 3rd street heading west...we're not going anywhere!

The blog moderators will be signing in soon to host this discussion. Stay tuned!

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